Frequently Asked Questions

• How do I check out a MAP pass?

For directions on how to reserve a MAP pass see the MAP Tutorial.

• How many MAP passes can a patron check out?

Patrons may check out one MAP pass per library card every 7 days.

• How long is a MAP pass valid?

When you check out a MAP pass, you have 7 days from the date it was reserved to use it.

• How far in advance can a MAP pass be reserved?

MAP passes can be checked out up to two weeks in advance.

• What type of discount does MAP provide?

Each destination determines the discount that they will provide to MAP patrons.  When you have searched for the destination in MAP click on the “Pass Options” button to see the details of the discount that the destination is offering.

• How do I cancel my MAP pass reservation?

If you need to cancel a MAP pass, contact MAP at [email protected] with the information on the pass that you would like cancelled.

• Where can I find a list of MAP participating destinations?

Brochures that list MAP participating destinations are available at the MAP Resources Page.

• Pro tip:

Prior to your visit, please call ahead or check the destination’s website in order to verify hours of operation, etc.